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Rooms: 1274
Objects: 1234
Mobiles: 182
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Your Lovely Staff


Implementor, webmistress, lead administrator
"What I'd like to say here is that my vision for this game very closely mimics how I GM tabletop games. I want an environment where creativity and thinking outside the box is rewarded, in which player input vastly affects what happens to the big plot lines, and where a player can go as far with his character as he can within his own parameters. I also want an environment where roleplay is not only rewarded but absolutely required and where players are expected to meet or rise to our standards for roleplay and community conduct."

Previous muds:
Cas, Shadows of Isildur, Head Craft Administrator, Head Administrator
Rease, Forever's End I (now defunct), Head Crafts Administrator
Aneirin, Arcane Realms (now defunct), Crafts Administrator
Caris, Harshlands, Builder
Azkrael, FieryMud, Head Builder


Head RPA, military designer, builder

Previous muds:
Bowie, Shadows of Isildur, RPA


Coder and Miracle Worker


Builder, Brainstormer, Resident Entertainer
"I am the Bard. Im the stylish one of the group. Im a writer and musician at heart hence the name and most of my MUD-Staff experience has been aimed at enriching worlds, creating plots and helping characters develop. I pay a lot of attention to detail and to the balance between realism and playability in any game like this so that players feel like they are a part of a really in-depth world where theres plenty of fun to be had. Im always full of ideas and happy to share them."

Previous muds:
Shadows of Isildur RPA, Plots Administrator, Head Administrator
Lost Tales of Beleriand RPA, Builder
Star Wars: Crucible RPA, Builder, Head Administrator

Thinking of joining us? See our requirements!

To reach us, please email us at


SciallaMud is an original gameworld designed by Caris. It is based upon the DIKU codebase as outlined in our credits file ingame and below, with customizations by the Argila team and Traithe. We are very happy and proud to be running the game on the efforts of these fine and gracious individuals.

DIKU: created by Sebastian Hammer, Michael Seifert, Hans Henrik Staerfeldt, Tom Madsen, and Katja Nyboe, at DIKU (Computer Science Instutute at Copenhagen University).

The DIKU codebase was modified by "Harshlands: Charles Rand" and "Shadows of Isildur: C. W. McHenry".

Our Thanks Go To:

DIKU MUD. The big granddaddy of most all of 'em. Caris is an old-timer DIKU girl, so her mud reflects her tastes.

CircleMud. A variant of DIKU, Circle is one of the best box muds you can find, easy to run and maintain.

FieryMud. A CircleMud that began as a DIKU, this mud was Caris' first "real" mud home and the first place she ever adminned. It's a great hack-and-slash game -- if you're inclined that way, give it a try.

Harshlands, a DIKU mud that was Caris' first RPI (roleplay-intensive) experience. It's a great game and I hope you'll try it out.

There are lots of individual people who deserve recognition and acclamation for helping SciallaMud get where it is, so if I miss any names, it is not from lack of esteem but lack of memory.

Others of Note Over the Years

Shawn and Peggy
BC and Javin
Havoc and WhiteDove

Things We Look For In Staff

  • Agreement to abide by stringent staff-player interaction restrictions, as outlined in the policies page.
  • Ability to write good, detailed descriptions for mobiles, rooms, objects, and willingness to learn our craft system. Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team.
  • All applicants will be asked to disclose any previous staffing positions on other muds. If the applicant has no other staffing experience, we'll happily substitute major account names on other muds. This information is requested so we can check references.
  • Free time to devote 5-20 hours a week to a chosen task, and a willingness to execute the plotlines developed by the senior admins.

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