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   Described Rooms:  1273 
   Total Rooms:      1273 
   Total Mobiles:    176  
   Total Objects:    1202 
   Total Crafts:     210  

December 6, 2012:
* Expanded upon herbalism in the Professions page.

February 13, 2011:
* Added a variety of things to the Law page, also to Eastern Cities and Scialla's Writeup Page. About a dozen pages got modified and added to as I go through the forum to grab the choicest bits to keep for posterity.

January 16, 2011:
* Lots of updates to the Timeline, re-ordering it and adding some more entries to it. We've decided to use Japheth's FutureMud engine, so building's a bit on hold while its builder release gets ready.

August 15, 2010:
* Lots of updates to the Glossary, the Twelve, People, Sun-Cant, Priascialla, and Weston. Also gridded Weston into the game and got going on descs for it.

July 9, 2009:
* Just about done with Deusis Island! Chance is getting the maps started in Campaign Cartographer so you can see everything. And on the code side, Alderson just got our forums up and working! They now integrate with the pfile database, so we're set to start using them!

July 6, 2009:
* Crafts List updated-- whoops, that has been a while! A few silly links put in in case you want to read some old essays of mine in the mud-world. I've been doing a lot of building work--Deusis Island's skeleton is almost done, and I cranked out a ton of crafts. Whew!

July 1, 2009:
* I've been expanding various culture pages, just a bit here and there, while I work on Deusis Island for one of the opening plots.

May 6, 2009:
* Expansion of the Noble families.
* Expansion of the culture of various Eastern Cities too! Were you wondering how it was that the Duchy of Duremont split Sarnow in half? Or how they managed to keep it that way? I knew you were!

March 1, 2009:
* TONS of stuff about the Haranite faith.
* Brotherhood of Swords expanded.

February 18, 2009:
* All kinds of animal life outlined and detailed.

February 16, 2009:
* Nobles of the Twelve elaborated on, with the last two families started, and a link to the heraldry uploaded. Yes, I know I need a flatbed scanner.

February 15, 2009:
* Builder/contributions policy.
* Forums started up again. Please don't create a login yet. We're still getting it integrated with PHP.
* Mud is back up and running!

February 14, 2009:
* Architecture and ship styles. Seriously!
* Appearances of the different races hashed out.
* Our coder is back! We've got our backups rolled onto the new host and ready to install, and beta is currently anticipated for August.

February 10, 2009:
* Epithets added for the Church of Haran.
* Perfumes! Expect plots around these.

February 9, 2009:
* Materials -- in case you wondered what kind of gemstones the Kiassan Empire has to offer, or what kind of stone they use to build their houses out of.
* As we've moved to a new host, having apparently gone out of business, the sites look like they're all in one piece. I haven't got the codebase installed yet, and probably won't again until we have our coder back. Don't worry, we have backups of most everything! If you find anything out of place, let me know.

January 28, 2009:
ZOMG I am tired out tonight! My hands hurt. But here is the latest:
* Medals and Recognition in the Empire
* More stuff about money and currency
* House Endevarr

January 26, 2009:
* Flameholdan Technology
* Lirwhinite Technology

January 25, 2009:
* Technology and You
* Health and Welfare
* House Tarikaden
* Progress still going on the Hewley's Mine Road and environs.

January 1, 2009:
* Happy New Year!
* Still progressing apace on the Gatemarch Road expansion west of Valrona, and getting crafts back to where we were pre-site move. Lots of new documentation still, especially around the Newbie Guide Page. Also, on the Valrona page, still working on the important folks and governmental structure page, and outlining the Nobles of the Twelve.

December 7, 2008:
* Our new staffer, Alderson, has been very busy getting the codebase together! We've just gotten the backups from the old server and are busy putting those onto the game. Meanwhile, have a bunch of new documentation: Suncant, Nobles of the Twelve, The Church of Haran, Weston, and lots more.

November 24, 2008:
* Moved servers to, who've been overwhelmingly supportive and kind so far. It's been a smooth and seamless process, but if anybody sees anything missing, let me know. The old server, alas, went belly-up in a series of unfortunate events, and so I may have lost all my building--but the documentation, the hard part to replace, is still here and intact, as you can see.
* Lots of new documentation, most of it around the Nobles of the Twelve and supporting pages.

July 4, 2008:
* Added a Swordsmen's Resource Page for those wishing to join Valrona's Brotherhood of Swords. Also have greatly expanded various other support pages since 6/7/08, but the site was down so didn't meticulously keep up with updating Site News. Please feel free to look over the pages -- if you see something that needs elaboration, please let me know!

June 7, 2008:
* Added a Links page and added its drilldown hyperlink to the navigation bar. Also expanded some of the newbie guide type pages with more information about chargen and backgrounds.

June 1, 2008:
* Still concentrating on the Nobles of the Twelve and Eastern Cities pages. Have begun the Quintzel page--woohoo! Site's back up and going, but I'm still going to wait a bit on active building to get the documentation going to help players learn about the gameworld and the people in it.

May 27, 2008:
* I've kind of backed off from building ingame to get documentation written. To that end, tons of new stuff especially around Nobles of the Twelve and Guide.

April 15, 2008:
* Huge lots of updates to: Eastern Cities and the Glossary. The main framework for the Eastern Cities' writeups is in place, though there's a LOT more to do with it.

March 17, 2008:
* Finished desc'ing the latest batch of rooms and now am moving on to the Sun District. Have spent an entire weekend renovating People, the Glossary, Races, and Planets. WHEW! Enjoy. Slowly we're moving closer to the goal.
* Finished the basics of the Pearl District, and got most of the basic structure done there. Meet Penelope the flower-seller of Rose Square! And enjoy the obelisk and the Terellian Fountain!

March 3, 2008:
* Dumped about 50 rooms on the mud, and doing work on the Professions page and also on Starting Help page.

February 16, 2008:
* Vastly expanded Professions with tons of info about the Swordsmen, especially, and also began discussion of the duellist class. Ingame, finished building the Tower of the Verdantis Rangers and the headquarters of the Valrona Sun newspaper.

January 17, 2008:
* Built the Blushing Rose in Valrona. On the website, have added some information about Lewistown and got that documentation started.

January 13, 2008:
* Most of the first bit of farmland's built, and we're going back to touch up the city itself again. Everybody enjoy the Blushing Rose! Meanwhile, on the website, added some info to the Glossary page about some of the wines found around Valrona for future ease of RP.

January 11, 2008:
* A lot of building's going on--the goals are being met slowly but surely as we reach toward the new codebase. Crafts are getting added at a rate of at least one per day, and first up is ostlers! See the complete list of crafts (for now) at Crafts. Mostly we're building the farmlands west of Valrona.

December 31, 2007:
* Lots of new changes to Valrona. Also, have updated the Haranite Religion page to include information for players about colors and symbols Haranites typically use, as well as how to spot a clergyman or nun of the faith.

December 29, 2007:
* Really played with the Chargen Help page and got the Roleplaying Basics page together as well as Starting Out. Plenty of new stuff for new players to go through and use in making their first characters! Ingame, the Bazaar off Azure Square is seeing its shops get installed and set up; I'm making crafts as I go along (newest one: fry sliced-ham). See Crafting for info about what we have so far.

December 23, 2007:
* Fleshed out the Crafts page and got the pages about Weston finished up. Also did a lot of work on the Valrona Professions page, but likely we'll have more on that page soon.

December 22, 2007:
* Site migration is complete! Email will be working again shortly. Continuing updates to the glossary and Valrona's pages, as well as getting older pages like Weston into shape for the farflung future when the wild west part of the game's open.

December 15, 2007:
* My laptop died a couple of weeks ago, and our server was in a snowstorm and lost power--but here we are still! Big additions to Valrona, People of Note, and the Glossary.

November 22, 2007:
* The Eastern Cities have been defined and set up. Also, Timeline page edited, and Glossary greatly expanded and hyperlinks added. WOW, that was fun to do! Most of the city of Valrona is basically set up--I'm doing the Azure and Plume districts, and we'll add Sun and Pearl much much later when we actually need them. Next up: Verdantis Forest and Lewistown!

October 20, 2007:
* We're transferring to a new server, so things are a little up in the air. However, pfiles are almost finished transferring and slowly we're easing into the new code. Many thanks to Wild West and Methuselah for the ho sting and help!

October 6, 2007:
* I figured out how to add wearlocs to the mud and added the long-awaited "brooch" wearloc. Added the arena rooms for later. Wow, almost 100 rooms desc'd!
* Also, TONS of new updates to the webpage, esp. to Timeline and Newbie Guide pages. Yay!

October 1, 2007:
* Just realized that the Staff & Credits page didn't have the DIKU and SoI credits on them. The ingame one does, but not the webpage one. Whoops. Will update that soon as I get to my laptop.

September 30, 2007:
* Beat People and Glossary pages into shape. Lots and lots of new entries. Ingame, I'm setting up Azure Square and its environs, and getting building standards together. Also, began laying out the Laws page. Chance is having a lot of fun with making the legal system.

September 28, 2007:
* Expanded the Races and the Planets pages. Now that I know how to deal with stylesheets, it's not proving too difficult to convert each page over!

September 25, 2007:
* An OOC complex started with writeups of the planets, and representative NPCs with "typical traditional costume." Wow, how'd we get 52 rooms?

September 23, 2007:
* Planets added to and set with the stylesheet, and the Timeline added to. The Azure Dragon Inn in Azure Square is now ready for business; there is a roomprog there for now to get free food and drink if a PC happens in there during our pre-beta and gets hungry.

September 22, 2007:
* Minor code changes made and objects for newbies started; code actually lists just object vnums to use, so it's not hard at all to just get that done. Whew! About got the initial stylesheet finished, and when it is, I'll get it added to the other webpages.

September 21, 2007:
* PHPBB3 put on system, once again thanks to MudMagic (am considering asking Jaelli there if she'd just like to go on my immstaff or something). Helpfiles starting to go up, and I need a book about php scripting, I am seeing that now. RPP costs set up for the various races. SithLord made our first character application! Welcome, SithLord!

September 20, 2007:
* SQL compiled and now on to the PHP bulletin board system, which for some goofy reason isn't initializing. Got the login windows done and found a snazzo picture of a planet for my login screen. Updated the text files for chargen to customize to SciallaMud, and began organizing zones.

September 18, 2007:
* Compiled SQL databases. Still getting the mud to boot. MudMagic's been super about it all. Nothing but good things to say about them. New pages: Valrona Professions, People of Note, and Places of Note. Extensive work on The Church of Haran and others.

September 15, 2007:
* After considerable hiatus, the codebase of the game is changing since our previous head codefish, Areidryk, kind of got a real life. We are moving to Argila, which is what Shadows of Isildur is based on, and we're also going to be moving the main site of the gameworld from Weston to Valrona, a more sophisticated Eastern City.

September 15, 2007:
* New pages -- Valrona, Glossary.

October 21, 2003:
* Organization writeups in Weston.

September 25, 2003:
* New story: Diplomatic Immunity, in Contributions.

August 14, 2003:
* Hardly worth its own entry, but put Weston on the navbar to the left. May need to go organize that one day.

August 12, 2003:
* Added some stuff to the Applications page. Added some stuff about heretics to Haran.

June 6, 2003:
* New story! Acolyte's Choice. Outlined races.

May 30, 2003:
* New page: Applying. Added to the Newbie Guide -- Cities of Note.

May 11, 2003:
* New page: Church of Haran, with lots of new info. Added timeline to Guide and added map to Weston. Added info to Professions.

May 8, 2003:
* Added lots to the Guide. Added Chargen Help, though there isn't much there till Codefish gets chargen code together.

May 7, 2003:
* Put Policies up.

May 6, 2003:
* Created all kinds of new pages: Races of the Kiasse, Laws and Government, Professions, Planets of the Kiasse, Crafts, Weston, and Newbie Guide. Added some stuff to Starting and Clothes.

May 5, 2003:
* Created Contributions page, and updated.php on other pages as it looked totally gross on Konqueror, which granted is a sucky browser, but still, the.php could have been more tidy.

April 19, 2003:
* Realizing that Codefish has gotten the site up, began making inroads toward preliminary webpages. Added Site News and got text onto the other pages.