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Priascialla, Capital of the Kiassan Empire


A Walking Tour of Priascialla

Noteworthy Families/Organizations


Noteworthy People

Local Laws


Population: About 100,000

Ruler: Kira Stardancer of House Stardancer

Priascialla is the seat of the Kiassan Empire and home of the Imperial bureaucracy. It is one of the only cities on the planet to enjoy limited power generated by the city itself.

Priascialla is the recognized source of humanity in the Kiassan Empire, and though people have tried to move the capital of the Empire from time to time over the last thousand years, a power struggle always puts it back. It can't be on Flamehold; the planet is far too inhospitable, and the Ribbon (a narrow swathe of livable area) moves often enough that the capital would also have to move. Lirwhin is, well, Lirwhin, and the Domes its citizens call home are not large enough to support an Imperial bureaucracy. Bilashe is impossible. Nobody'd be stupid enough to put the capital on Lirwhin's largest moon, Walker, because that's where the Academies are (Academies are like martial arts dojos; they train top-level bodyguards, assassins, spies, and the like); Walker is also where, by Imperial accord, Flameholdans go to practice their military maneuvers.

Priascialla works precisely because of the Perimeter. That 50-mile radius circle is more than large enough to support a bureaucratic population; it's pretty safe because that is the ONLY place a ship can land. The Usurper got lucky 15 years ago; most times, attempted attackers get bottlenecked and destroyed well before they reach the Palace.

Power comes from the Palace. Almost everybody knows that. What nobody really DOES know is just how it gets to the Palace, and how it is delivered. It's not really relevant to most people; the only repairs ever needed are those to the actual power outlets in buildings. The lines themselves have never failed, nor has the source itself, whatever it is. The city uses this power very sparingly: government buildings are lit, and streetcars and airships needed for very important government uses go considerably faster without the need for horses or mules to do the pulling! But the power itself is largely a mystery, thought to be left over from the city's founding.

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Locations of Note around Priascialla

The Imperial Circle
Priascialla is built atop a series of hills. The tallest of these rises roughly in the middle of the city itself, and that is where the White Palace is situated. The Imperial Circle, a series of lovely palaces built around the White Palace in a ring-shaped configuration, houses many of the Nobles who serve on Empress Kira's court.

The Temple of the Ascension
A huge temple to the Haranite faith, located inside the Imperial Circle. It can seat up to ten thousand souls, so people usually have to pick which of four or five services they want to attend; the earlier services are obviously a lot easier to get into.

Currently it is presided over by Cardinal Sibrath Alores. It is built in a round shape, with four towers at its cardinal directions. Built of triamandine,

See here for more information about the Temple.

More to come!

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Obviously a lot of Priascialla's business comes from two sources: manufacturing and import of goods for sale, and bureaucracy. It's no exaggeration to say that these two industries make up almost the entirety of the city's reason for existence, and neither to say that the two worlds only very rarely intersect, and rarely to the benefit of the lower classes.

Priascialla's manufacturing plants are all powered, and all are taken up with the manufacture of goods that are needed by the cities on its planet -- farm goods, durable goods, healthcare needs, and the like (luxuries famously are imported from Lirwhin). The workers there, tens of thousands, live in hivelike corporate-run apartments built outside the city's main walls, commuting in from far away to toil for meager pay.

Far above the ground, in the paradaisical penthouses and residential suites and even floating palaces, the nobility of the planet cavort and decide the fates of the lesser mortals. The Nobles govern the planet and empire, and jockey constantly for better positions, more money and concessions, better palaces, and battle-rights against lesser neighbors. The game is cutthroat, the stakes dizzyingly high, and the penalties for failure extreme. But all of them know this: the moment they get out of hand, the Empress looms above them all, her night-dark eyes glittering, ready and eager to make a messy point of her sovereignty. Not even Lirwhin can match this exquisite dance's complexity.

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Elinor Grady. She is aging, this fashion icon, but she still holds the high fashion world in her silk-clad iron fist. She has gunmetal-grey hair and a solid but not heavy build, and she is always in the very height of fashion herself, without a hair out of place. She terrifies her assistants, but they're all competent designers in their own right. Elinor produces Grady's Book of Fashion every year, a lavishly illustrated production documenting what's in and what's out in couture. It is usually available for purchase in larger cities.

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Local Laws

See here for a list of general laws. Local laws coming soon.

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Local Groups and Families of Note

House Stardancer: The Imperial Family.

House of Grady. Owned by Elinor Grady, and serving as the couterier to the very greatest of nobles in the city. The company is quite large, with many employees doing everything from cooking and cleaning to making the elaborate bows and arrangements that go on the fine suits and gowns.

See here for information about the other noble families. They all have at least a minor presence in the capital city; in the inner circles of the innermost walls, the most influential families have permanent palazzos.

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