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A Kiassan Glossary



Abdera (ab-DARE-ah)
One of the Eastern Cities. Abdera is the next in line past Cicilium. Abdera is more inland, and thus closer to the mountains in the north of Tergaea. It makes its main income mining and smelting. Fine metals and ores come from here, and several varieties of beryl gemstones like sapphires.

One of 14 training centers located on the habitable moon Walker which orbits Lirwhin. Academies are more than martial-arts dojos such as those we'd know. They select students who are very young from Scialla and Lirwhin (only rarely, due to clan loyalty, are Flameholdans selected, and nobody's ever heard of a Bilashan accepted or even solicited). Their students train for 7-10 years in a variety of martial arts, strategy, and tactics. Some students are more oriented in hand-to-hand fighting; others concentrate more on higher-end surveillance techniques. Once their studies are completed, students are called simply Graduates and their services are auctioned to the highest bidder. A Graduate's contract is usually purchased for a set period of time by planetary governments or higher- end Nobles. Needless to say, a Graduate is insanely expensive to hire. Most of them keep a very low profile, so the average person probably won't even know he's interacted with one. A few are higher-profile, such as Valad Balzha, who attended Chelis Academy. Nobody can apply to the Academies; children are selected by age 10 and their parents reimbursed with a onetime fee which varies depending on several factors. Families are encouraged to pretend their children are dead; the Graduates themselves will never have contact with their families, to protect them from deadly enemies.

Age of Sorrows
The period of time between 102BH-20AH on Scialla during which utter chaos reigned. For a hundred or so years beforehand, the planet pretended at a form of democracy that was really a plutocracy, with a few families ruling the planet and acting like they were listening to the series of puppet governments that came one after another. Finally they revolted. Out of the politics and war that ensued and destroyed much of the civilization and culture that'd been slowly gleaned for so long, one man emerged, Tathis Skydancer, who adopted the Stardancer name and began the dynasty again.

Agema (ah-GAY-mah)
General of a Flameholdan clan's warriors. A rank just below that of clan-chief, ranking above Hetaris, and meaning, roughly, "General". Exists only in very large clans. Reports to the Dunastis if one is present.

Alabaster Throne
A nickname for the seat of power of the Kiassan Empire, so called because the throne is, in fact, made of a creamy-pale material that looks rather like alabaster stone.

Allendel Islands (AL-len-dell)
Located in the Bay of Iscine, east of Priascialla. The islands are primarily uninhabitable due to their small size, but they are extremely picturesque. Many Nobles own their own private islands for rest and relaxation. One of the main islands here is Deusis Island, a resort briefly used as a prison during the Succession Wars of 2212.

One of the Great Houses of the Nobles of the Twelve. This House is based in Scialla and generally concentrates on logistics and war. See here for more information about this family.

Aparkos (uh-PAR-kos)
Flameholdan military title; roughly "lieutenant." The rank right beneath hetaris. Plural, aparka.

Apec Juste
One of the Eastern Cities. Located southeast of Priascialla, Apec Juste has the good luck to be located along the coast. It is a fishing town, but also cultivates in artificial stone tanks a kind of shellfish that is grown for one of its glands, which when squeezed produces an intense range of dyes depending on the type of shellfish--deep blues, purples, and reds. Its chemists create some amazing dyes. Definitely one of the older cities on the eastern seaboard.

Arch Rock
One of the major geological features west of Valrona along Gatemarch Road, Arch Rock rises up to be seen from far away. It is a natural arch very near the Senshen River.

Architectural Styles
See here for a lot of information about Sciallan architecture.

Arizel, Clan
One of the Flamehold clans, known for its good discipline and willingness to work alongside Sciallans. See here for a lot more info about this noble clan.

Ancient curiosities that often perform interesting or useful tricks. Most of them are unspeakably old, and passed down from generation to generation. Even the highest-ranked Noble families may have only one or two. Archaeologists sometimes find Artifacts, and these sell for enormous amounts of money.

The holy language of the Haranite church. It's a very archaic tongue that is not spoken anywhere, so exists only as a written language. Scholars pronounce it like Eshtenel.

Asrabreak Mountains
The main mountain range on the main continent of Flamehold. It runs diagonally across the planet, and is home to Flamehold's own Summer Palace, a massive misnomer if ever there was one.

Atramis University
The main university in Val Taqar.

Avarian Red Wine
One of the many red wines produced on Scialla. Considered a mid-level wine with a good rich taste, it is full-bodied with a hint of tannins and the subtle tastes of oak and, sophisticated palates can tell, chocolate and even plums. It's well-suited to eating with heavy rich foods like game and cream sauces. Though hardly inexpensive, it's not the most expensive wine in the entire world. That said, it's not considered a wine drunk casually by most. See here for more wines common around Scialla.



A large cylindrical tank in which someone floats in a liquid healing agent while he heals. A Flameholdan invention not much seen outside there, though a few high-end hospitals in Priascialla have them.

A poisonous snake found on Scialla. See here for more info.

The term given to the all-body, partially-hydraulic suits worn by specially-trained Flameholdan warriors. Suits differ in construction from clan to clan and are passed down from generation to generation. Since the number of suits is sharply limited, needless to say there is enormous competition among warriors in acquiring one, and once acquired, the suit is a treasured piece of equipment, lovingly tended and taken good care of. Once a suit is destroyed, the warrior does not get another without special consideration. Each suit is, of course, marked with symbols for the clan that owns it as well as whatever single personal memento its current wearer wishes to bestow; not only does the mark remain forever unless that part of the suit is replaced, but each new owner, as a point of pride, memorizes a list of those who owned the suit before him for at least a half-dozen wearers back, as well as any important battles or deeds those previous owners did. The sight of a battlesuited warrior is an imposing one indeed--the armor blocks almost all damage and generates its own protection fields, as well as granting its owner incredible strength without appreciable loss of agility and speed. One warrior alone is the match of dozens of unsuited warriors, and a whole group of battlesuited warriors can easily decimate a small city's defenses. Nothing short of an air-to-surface missile bombardment will put a suit out of commission. Since they are hydraulic and require battery power, however, their main shortcoming is that they must be periodically recharged (about once a month, unless there's an extraordinary expenditure of energy as in a battle). Needless to say, a suit won't function outside the Perimeter.

Bay of Iscine (iss-SEEN)
Large bay cutting into the eastern seaboard around Priascialla, forming a waterway for many of the Eastern Cities such as Valrona. The Bay is best known for the pleasure-resort in its middle, Deusis Island, which briefly served as a prison during the Succession Wars in 2212.

Bearded Fox
A mid-sized mammal found on Scialla. See here for more info.

One of the Eastern Cities. Behistun is located well south of Valrona, south of Saethbridge as well. Behistun is a riverside city, walled and well-defended, with an economy based on timberwrighting and river traffic. Barges ply the wide Kaneel River, fishing and transporting goods. The town has all the general amenities, though it's regarded as somewhat backward by the rest of the cities.

Belisernis (bell-ih-SIR-ness)
A language of Bilashe. Not spoken by outsiders; teaching it to non-Bilashans is forbidden by their religious laws. The language can sound gutteral but flowing. See here for more information about this language.

Bilashe (bi-LOSH)
Last planet of the Kiassan Empire's system. See here for more information about it. Its denizens are called Bilashans, and its primary language is called Belisernis.

Black Belt
A name for the ring of asteroids around Bilashe. The ring is very difficult to navigate. See here for more information about the Black Belt. The principal asteroids are: Shensa IV, Jhowan V, Darius VI, and Rastos III (denoting their position east to west in the named grouping; for example, in the Rastos group, the largest rock is the third one from the west edge).

Black Boar
A huge wild boar found on Flamehold. See here for more info.

A Flameholdan trait. Particularly gifted warriors are said to have a strong Bloodgift. It is said to run in families; Lykitis, the Solius of Flamehold, is said to have one of the strongest Bloodgifts in known history, but her daughter, Andromeda, has one that is said to be stronger still. The Bloodgift is not well-understood; it is said to sometimes grant amazing insights, good reflexes, and extraordinary endurance.

Blue Mountains
The name of the younger, more southern mountain range of Flamehold, where is located its main cold-weather sanctuary, Winterkeep.

A grumpy wild hog found on Scialla. See here for more info.

Brotherhood of Swords
The sole monopoly provider of all soldiers and men-at-arms in the city of Valrona. Run by Count Victor Nesbith Tybiris, who owns some land north of Valrona, the Brotherhood recruits, trains, and sells contracts to people and organizations all over the city. This group is a sort of union, which negotiates prices and rights. See here for a more full writeup.



Cat Breeds
Scialla boasts a number of cat breeds. Most are just tabbies, but there are some purebreeds ingame. Precise breed names are forthcoming. Promise.

Celis Academy (CHEH-liss)
One of the 14 known Academies on Walker, and where Valad Bhalzha was trained. Celis Academy focuses on bodyguard and private security training.

One of the smaller villages near Weston, one famous for mining. It is far to the northwest of Weston. A fuller writeup can be found here.

Needless to say, cheesemaking is an art on Scialla. Some varieties are just farmer cheese, made by most rural households for personal use. Other types are artisanal and cost a lot more and are eaten almost as status symbols. Some varieties one might encounter:
Blue Heron: A crumbly white cheese with blue veins, this has a pungent taste that goes well with fruit. Produced near Kandar.
Macadam: A solid semifirm yellow cheese that melts pretty well and is sharp-tasting when eaten out of hand. Made in two plants in Valrona and Eretea.
Hague: A smooth-tasting semifirm cheese often mixed with wine or herbs, with an herb-rubbed rind. It is produced in Sarnow.
Malmidon: This nutty-tasting hard cheese is a little pungent, and often served grated over savory dishes. It is made on a large farm in the Verdantis Forest.
See here for some other information about cheeses in the Kiassan Empire.

Cicilium (sih-SEE-lee-um)
One of the Eastern Cities. The most northeast of all the cities, Cicilium is mainly a fishing and marine processing city-state. Pearls come from here, as well as dried and smoked fish. Cicilium residents are sometimes teased for their backwards ways, but the city still remains one of the larger. There is a vocational-technical school here and all of the standard amenities. Cicilium is fortunate enough to escape the snow and ice that plague more inland cities during the winters, thanks to its proximity to the sea.

The extended family and servitors of Flameholdans, as they reckon family at least. A clan is more than just a big family though: it is also a military unit and a region of influence. To dishonor one's clan is one of the worst things a warrior can do. Being cast out of that clan is one of the most horrible fates imaginable--the wrongdoer is bereft of help or sympathy from any other clan, and won't be able to count on the clan's resources at any point. A castout is one of the saddest people one will ever see; many Flameholdans simply give up afterward. There are rare cases wherein a castout gained his place in the clan again through extraordinary effort, but it's rare.

A plastic-like material that starts out very jellylike and hardens to a rocklike, even metal-like consistency. It can't be melted or changed around once set, but it is excellent for repair work. This material is only manufactured on Lirwhin, but sometimes things made of cleargel get exported. Lights, lenses, and other things often get made of it, and a weapon made of cleargel is a fright indeed; though it doesn't hold a good edge, it makes a strong pointed or blunt weapon.

Cor'Aeirin (core-AIR-inn)
Home of Head Counsel Rus Niak. A partially submerged Dome on Lirwhin. ("Cor" = Sutalan for "Dome".)

A large herd animal found on Scialla. See here for more info.

Cor'Shaneir (core-shah-NEER)
A high-status Dome of Lirwhin principally known for its universities and scientific and training facilities. The last known residence of Doctor Avelie Meris.

Cordaellus Crab
A gorgeous, scintillating crab found on Lirwhin. See here for more information.

House Coronal
An ancient noble family of Scialla, wiped out after the Age of Sorrows. One of its most notable members was Saint Ehlissa.

The smaller moon of Scialla, sometimes called "Little Brother." It is out of sight from eastern Tergaea for the cooler months, and when it appears, it signifies time to plant. The other moon is called Paxis.

Crystal Cathedral
A glass temple of the Haranite faith, located in Eliff on Scialla. Built a hundred years ago by Pontiff Innocent III. The faithful aspire to make at least one pilgrimage here during their lifetimes.

Crystal Prowler
A large arachnid found on Flamehold. See here for more info.



Dark Carnival
Usually called "Midnight Jack's Dark Carnival," run by an enigmatic old gypsy named Midnight Jack, which arrives in Valrona in the summer for a weeklong celebration.

Degnes Abbey
About two-thirds of the way between Priascialla and Weston, Degnes Abbey is a small village of inns and other relaxation spots. It is part of the Haranite faith, and its writeup can be found here.

Deimar (DAY-marr)
A Bilashan title loosely translated to "King." The current Deimar is Rashan. The title also implies religious leadership; the Deimar is the official speaker for Sernis.

A large, fierce reptile found on Flamehold. See here for more info.

Deusis Island (DIEU-ssiss)
One of a group of islands in the Bay of Iscine on Scialla, traditionally reckoned a pleasure-island, a getaway for pampered Nobles.

Dog Breeds
Scialla boasts a number of dog breeds. Terriers, hounds, and toys predominate. Here are a few breeds you may encounter around there:
Bloodhound: A large, heavy hound whose sensitive nose is famous throughout the Empire.
Blue Wirecoat: A common guard dog breed. Large, wiry-muscled, with a short tightly-curled coat of wiry hair that requires little upkeep. As the name suggests, a purebred wirecoat is smokey-grey.
Bilashan Razorback: A working dog common to Bilashe, brought to Scialla by immigrants. It is a dog suited to herding or guard work, but not often used as a pet or seen in the city as it can be skittish around outsiders. It is usually a reddish-brown color with a ridge of hair along its arched back, and a powerful neck, short snout, and ears that stand up. Its tail is usually arching as well, but not so much that it's coiled over the dog's back.
Saethian Wolfhound: Hailing from the southern end of the Eastern Cities, this huge hound is narrow-shouldered, and that's about all that saves it from being used as a child's mount for riding. They're long-necked, long-snouted, with a fringe of hair that looks almost like a moustache over their upper lips. Wolfhounds are favored hunting companions for Nobles; purebreeds are horrendously expensive but well-trained and excellent at what they do. They do not make exceptional pets; whoever owns one needs to be ready to give them a lot of exercise and time. They tend to be light-colored, with soft coats of medium-length hair that needs to be brushed and tended regularly.
Whiptail Retriever: Famous for being an excellent small hunter, this breed hails from Razec Abinion, where it is used most commonly to track and tree wild cats, foxes, and other small game. There are several varieties of retriever, but this one tends to have large liver-colored patches on a white background of short hair. It sheds its body weight in fur every month or so, barks way too much, and can get nervous if not given a lot of exercise. Sometimes people keep them as pets, which works fine if they have no close neighbors. They are very affectionate dogs and love living in packs.
Casters Boarhound: A powerfully-muscled hunting companion. They are often used for fighting, since they are strong, have excellent endurance, and are surprisingly quick for their size. Weighing in at 80-90 pounds, they are a serious lot of dog for being medium-sized. Their front legs are shorter than their back, and their necks are thick, fat-swaddled, and almost impossible to get to. Their jaws are incredibly strong; it'd take several strong men with a crowbar a lot of effort to get a boarhound loose once he decides to dig in. Needless to say, they're almost essential for any hunting trip aiming for big game. They are extremely loyal, and will die for their master if well-treated. Alas, they are also sometimes used for dogfighting competitions; in these cases they are vicious and irredeemable, and usually must be humanely put to death. They are brindled liver-colored with white patches, or else black and white.
Torotail: A large, friendly, shaggy dog used as a pet and halfhearted guard dog (of the "licks them to death" type). Their fur needs regular brushing and care, and they smell very "doggy." That said, they are inexpensive even when purebred, which is seldomly encountered, and one of the more loving large breeds anybody could encounter. They tend to be sandy-colored, with hair that gets in their dark eyes.
Pipkin: A very small toy spaniel favored by ladies as personal pets. They tend to be 5-15 pounds, with smaller ones being far more expensive. Large-eared, big-eyed, and delicate-bodied, they are shockingly ferocious when they or their owners are threatened, with barks that are way too loud-sounding for their tiny size. They can be virtually any color or coat length, though brown-and-white or shades of creamy-white are most common. Commoners don't usually keep them, as they're virtually useless and somewhat effete.

Specially-built protected cities, half-submerged in the oceans, built by Lirwhinites. Generally they're built on ocean shelves, on the mountain ranges. Most of the population of Lirwhin lives in these Domes, safe from the waves and beasts of the seas. See here for more information.

The only continent of Lirwhin, which is where its space- and seadocks are and where visitors usually find themselves sequestered. See here for more information.

Dulcet Wine
A very fine white wine produced on Scialla. Vintages vary from year to year, but overall the profile is of a sweet, light-bodied wine that is very easy to drink and enjoy. It's suited for eating with dessert or fruit. Women particularly like this wine, and it is shipped all over the Empire. While not the most expensive wine ever sold around Scialla, it's a midlevel wine, not one of the cheap sorts. See here for more wines common around Scialla.

Dunastis (due-NASS-tiss)
Chief of a Flameholdan clan. Plural, Dunastae. Ranks beneath the Solius but above the Agema, if there is one.

A bottom feeding eel found on Lirwhin. See here for more information.

A midsized rodent found on Flamehold. See here for more info.



A mid-sized mammal found on Scialla. See here for more info.

The Eclipsal Festival
Occurring every 17 years, when the two moons of Scialla align with the sun Helios. Cities and holdings all over Scialla host their own festivals around the Eclipse. A Dancer is appointed by the Imperial throne for the ceremony in Priascialla, which is widely regarded as the grandest one. It takes place right in the square outside the White Palace and is watched by the Emperor or Empress. The Succession Wars occurred in 2212, at the height of an Eclipsal Festival. They take years to organize, and the Dancer selected for Priascialla's festival has to complete for a full year prior to the event. Young women everywhere hunger for this privilege. The 2212 Dancer was Andromeda sha'Solius Stormguard, daughter of Lykitis yar'Solius Stormguard.

Eliff (eh-LIFF)
A small village on the White Road leading west from Priascialla, a way-station of sorts for the miners and woodcutters who export to the Eastern Cities. It has an inn and a decent brewer, and that's about it. It's several weeks' journey west of the Perimeter. More info about it can be found here.

One of the two moons of Bilashe. The other is Mereketh.

Eluviel Sea
The sea to the east of Tergaea, on Scialla.

A description of your character's actions. These can be pretty much as long as you wish, but should not include more than one or two thoughts and should never, ever force other characters' reactions. Overly-wordy emotes can detract from the rhythm of roleplay, but overly-short ones, by the same token, can make your characterization seem wooden or shallow. A sample emote: A short, red-haired woman looks up as the door is opened, finally smiling when she sees ~lemuel enter the kitchen.

One of the Eastern Cities. Closest to Priascialla, this industrial city lies about halfway in and halfway out of the Perimeter. It is meant almost entirely for production, but does boast a small college and other support for a city. Its residents are known for being rather stringent and conservative, as well as fairly religious. It is located a few days' travel south of Valrona, and battles between the city-states are frequent as it jockeys for territory. See here for much more information about this Eastern City.

Eshtenel (ESH-teh-nel)
Primary language of the Kiassan Empire. Thought to have originated on Scialla. It is written using the Unified script.

Located in Priascialla, this is the somewhat informal name of the main offices of the Ministry of Exchange, which handles the printing and stamping of paper currency and coins for the Kiassan Empire. The Exchequer is located very near the Imperial Palace itself. It is operated by House Endevarr.



When Scion Sheridan first founded Priascialla, Janus was his loyal second-in-command and leader of the engineers who worked for Sheridan. He proved disloyal, and he and about half of the engineers who worked for him staged an attempted uprising now called the Mutiny of the Engineers. Sheridan exiled Janus and his followers. The remainder, now called Falgans, stayed loyal to Sheridan, and did a great deal of scientific work before fading into oblivion.

First Vows
The first step of formally joining the Church of Haran as a priest or nun. See here for more information.

The name of Rowan Stormguard's personal ship. Though a little clunky by even Flameholdan standards, the bronze-colored behemoth flies true.

A particularly pretty purple flower found in the Wilds of Scialla. See here for more info.

Traditional weapon of the Flameholdan warrior. A sword that comes equipped with a power-jewel to allow it to either shoot energy blasts or cast a powerful shield.

Flameholdan Guard
When the Seruvian Accords were signed in 1620AH, the Kiassan Empire demanded one important concession from the planet Flamehold: a small standing personal army of battlesuited Warriors. There are 400 total; 250 are dispatched to the Kiassan Palace in Priascialla, about 50 are in Weston far to the west, and the rest are used for the inevitable periodic conflicts that seem to plague the Empire. Though it is an honor to be chosen to serve as a Flameholdan Guard, the term of service (5 years) and the fact that the Flameholdan must serve among warriors from different clans can be stressful. Nobody in his right mind hassles a Flameholdan Guard, and thankfully they all tend to be easy to spot with their tattoos and the pyramid-and-fist symbol they all are required to wear at all times, even when off duty.

A mountain fastness belonging to Jack Red Dog. Legendary home of miners, mercenaries, and those wishing to vanish. Located far west of Weston a distance north of Lindis Abbey.

A huge white bear found on Scialla. See here for more information.



One of the Eastern Cities, a distance west of Hevalta. It is a large city that focuses on military supply, with mass production facilities that import metals and woods from all over and then exports goods to Priascialla. Gatera is a smaller city, but has all the standard amenities. Its vocational school concentrates mainly on logging.

A delicate, cloven-hoofed mountain mammal found on Scialla. See here for more info.

A large bird found on Bilashe. See here for more info.

Grady's Book of Fashion
Written by Elinor Grady, the voice of fashion in Priascialla, this book is produced annually to document what is and isn't fashionable. It is lavishly illustrated and larger than usual, bound in different colors every year.

The Great Rebellion
102BH. A large-scale revolt of many Nobles who felt mistreated by the supposedly-democratic Sciallan government. The rebellion kickstarted what is now called Age of Sorrows, which only ended when Tathis Skydancer took power and re-established monarchy in the Stardancer name, renouncing his own name to re-establish the long-dead dynasty.

Massive, black-maned wild feline predators that hunt in packs of 8-24 in the Wilds of Scialla. They are semi-intelligent, this much is known, as they know by now that the cries of treewees mean that prey is very near. They can climb trees, flank, and make rudimentary strategy plans. Even a very large group of people would have a big problem with a greatcat pride showing up.

The Grey Tower Treaty of 1250AH
As the fledgeling Empire fitfully grew, the Flameholdans themselves proved very difficult to restrain. Finally, in 1250AH, Emperor Calantus Stardancer III brought them to heel by helping them cure the Red Plague that'd decimated them off and on for a thousand years. Their gratitude would prove to last for centuries.



Halcyon Ray/Hunter Ray
Two types of aquatic animals found on Lirwhin. See here for more information.

An irritating reptile found on Bilashe. See here for more info.

n, adj. "pertaining or belonging to the Church of Haran." Also used as a noun to denote one such follower, as in, "He is a Haranite." See also here for info about the church.

The blue sun of the Kiassan Empire. Usually just called "the sun." Identified in the Haranite faith as the personification of the god Logos.

Hellenikan (hell-EN-eh-ken)
Principle language of Flameholdans. Known for being rather blunt and to the point, not terribly diplomatic, and having sharp, enunciated consonants. Nobody speaks "softly" or demurely in Hellenikan; however, unexpectedly the language is also considered, by Flameholdans at least, to be capable of enormous subtlety and profound poetry. See here for a lot more info about this language.

Hetaris (heh-TAR-iss)
Flameholdan military title; roughly "captain." Second-in-command under the Agema, if one exists. Plural, hetarae. Ranks above the Aparkos.

Hevalta (heh-VAHL-tah)
One of the Eastern Cities. Hevalta is inland, some distance southwest of Abdera, located near the forests that blanket Scialla. Due to its good location, it has a strong logging interest. Fine woods are gotten from here, processed and shipped throughout the Kiassan Empire. Though there are other cities famed for their fine lumber, such as Behistun, Hevalta aims for the finest woods rather than bulk woods as Behistun does.

Horse Breeds
Horses are common on Scialla, particularly outside the Perimeter. Here are some breeds people will run into most often:
Chassian: Excellent for dressage, show jumping, fox-hunting, and generally looking good. This is a Noble's horse. They run 15-17 hands tall and come in just about any color, but usually bay, chestnut, dappled grey, or spotted/paintbrush. They can be expensive, but tame well.
Terion: Warhorses. Strong, almost always black or dark-colored, 17 hands or taller, and extremely powerful. Known for their endurance and strength, they are also known to be bad-tempered. Definitely not the horse you want to ride through a city unless you want someone hurt.
Wildmane: A wild horse. Runs in herds on the plains on Scialla. They can look like just about anything, but once tamed they will die for their human partners. In slang terms, they're "doing" horses, hard, tireless workers once tamed. Their owners usually call themselves "partners" and take pains to treat their charges well. Frontiersmen who are good at taming them for sale are in high demand out west. Many wildmanes turn out to be simply untameable though, or else sickly. 14-17 hands. They do not sell well, since they bond closely to the person who tames them without very careful training.
Galloway: Another "doing" horse. This one's around 15 hands, usually smaller than other breeds. Called a "traveller" in some areas. They're usually bay or chestnut. A popular, inexpensive, easily-tamed breed that responds well to minimal care and affection. Most of the horses ordinary people have are Galloways.
Mairglen: A lady's horse. Usually 14-15 hands, they're not as large as other horses. Expensive and exquisite to look at, they're delicate, ladylike, and take to taming well. They are not hard-working horses and expect a certain amount of pampering; they do not take to hugely-long travel times or even the least bit of neglect. They are usually crystal-white with blue eyes, long manes, eyelashes, fetlocks, and tails. They are known for their good temperaments as long as they are cosseted.
Donovan: A child's pony. Hardworking, good for pulling carts and small loads, and can navigate trails that larger horses would have trouble with. Inexpensive and good for farm use, as well as quiet, sturdy, and even-tempered. Known for their nimbleness. Miners especially like them for all these reasons, and treat them as well as they treat their dogs, even feeding them treats and (sometimes) letting them sleep in the shack. 12-14 hands.

The House of Gold
A famous courtesan house in Valrona on Scialla. See here for more info about it and its owner, Yazira Ammanuensis.

A large, horned mammal found on Flamehold. See here for more info.

OOC: An HRPT is a Highly Recommended Playing Time, as opposed to an RPT which is just a "recommended" playing time. During either, players are very highly encouraged to be present and ready to play. Admins are always on hand and very actively running plots, which usually have been set up well in advance (as opposed to the more impromptu ones that run day-to-day and which are subject to the whims of the staffer and who's around to run the plots on). An RPT/HRPT is usually set up days or weeks in advance, with an especially important story arc possibly advertised for months ahead of time so everybody is present and accounted for at the right time. On SciallaMud, the terms are interchangeable, and we don't rely on those impromptu plots as much as other games usually do, preferring to use our energy to run story arcs. The easiest way to plunge into the game is to be present for these arcs, since we make them with our PCs in mind.

Hurst Fen
One of the Eastern Cities. Hurst Fen is not far northeast of Priascialla. Hurst Fen is on the coast, its people tending to be jacks of all trades. Its main emphasis is on farming, though its people pride themselves on their self-sufficiency. Just about anybody from Hurst Fen can sew, fish, can and smoke food, work leather, and of course farm. Hurst Fen exports a great deal of foodstuffs to Priascialla.



A small border town that at present belongs to the Duchy of Sarnow. It is adjacent to the other border town of Machegai.

Irontailed Hawk
A large avian found on Flamehold. See here for more info.



A multicolored gemstone found on Scialla, graded from very pale yellow to a very deep gold. See here for more info.



A gorgeous hooved mammal found on Bilashe. See here for more info.

Kandar is one of the Eastern Cities of Scialla. It is located southwest of Behistun, inland along some rather harsh rocky scrublands. Kandar has a splendid college, as well as an excellent mining and smelting complex. It exports its goods along the Kaneel River all over the Eastern Cities and beyond, to even the cities Without. The people of Kandar can be somewhat more tan and lean than people elsewhere, and can be insular.

Kaneel River
A river flowing through the southern end of the eastern seaboard of Tergaea in Scialla. It's quite wide, flowing along the coastline and finally emptying into the sea. Barges from Behistun ply its length, fishing and transporting goods.

A named used to denote a rank-and-file member of the Preservationists. The leader of a group of Keepers is the Master/Mistress Keeper, and new members who have not yet learned the ropes are Seekers.

Kiassan Empire
A government formed of the inhabited planets of the Kiassan starsystem. It consists of the following, all written up here: Flamehold, Scialla, Lirwhin, Bilashe, and Lirwhin's largest moon, Walker. It is headed by Empress Kira Stardancer, who is advised by a council composed of her consort, Rowan sha'Solius Stormguard, as well as Rus Niak, Head Counsel of Lirwhin, and Lykitis yar'Solius Stormguard, War-Chieftess of Flamehold.

Kiasse (KEY-ahss)
The star system consisting of the star Helios and its planets

A monstrous sea beast found on Lirwhin. See here for more information about this undersea denizen.



Laurelhurst Fen
Once a large battlefield at which a famous battle was fought in 950AH near the Eastern City Hurst Fen. The Battle of Laurelhurst Fen was caused by a group of Nobles who got vexed with Emperor Richard II's policies about land taxation and rose up against him. Richard II put the rebellion out after some effort, aided in great part by his great general, Armile Montedevris.

A flying insect found on Scialla. See here for more info.

Lecithrace (LEH-sih-thrase)
A powerful sedative drug, developed on Lirwhin. Most people will not even have heard of it. Its presence can be difficult to trace in the body unless someone knows what to test for.

Libero te Martialos Ethica
The code of modern warfare ethics, created by Sauros, Dunastis of Clan Sunrider.

Life Vow
When an acolyte is ready to become a full priest or nun, this is the vow he or she takes to formalize and finalize his or her acceptance into the religious order. See here for more info.

Lindis Abbey
A chapterhouse of the Preservationists, situated near a particularly large stone ruins that archeologists are particularly interested in. Located on Scialla, far west of Weston. The Church of Haran used to own the land around Lindis Abbey, and so greatly dislikes seeing it in the hands of heretics. There are farms around the Abbey, with a small settlement there of not only the Preservationists but also sympathizers. See here for more information about this pious place.

Lirix (LEER-icks)
A distinctive gemstone mined from Lirwhin. See here for more information about this beautiful, expensive gemstone.

Lirwhin (LEER-whinn)
Second planet in the Kiassan system. For more info, see here. A denizen of Lirwhin is called a Lirwhinite.



Machegai (MATCH-eh-guy)
One of the Eastern Cities. It's a little southwest of Priascialla, inland. It concentrates on agriculture and food export, primarily the grains that grow so well in the temperate zone there. It's one of the older cities, founded not long after Priascialla, and it shows in the city's unusual architecture. It does offer all the standard amenities, including a vocational school, Machegai Agricultural and Technical.

Machinist Cult
A Priascialla-based movement to find a way to get technology to the rest of Scialla. A secret organization of scholars. Opposed by the Kiassan Imperial government on grounds that its actions are antithetical to the Prophet's teachings, as well as possibly hostile to the agreement of Lady Sherreen. See here for a little more info about this secretive movement.

A small bird found on Scialla. See here for more info.

Mask of God
A Bilashan religious title for one of the heads of their faith. While a Deimar is at least partially appointed, the Mask is chosen entirely by Sernis, and is more of a prophet than a king.

The main ocean of Lirwhin. See here for more info.

One of the two moons of Bilashe. The other is Elentia.

A pale-blue berry found on Scialla that is found both in the wild and on cultivated farmland. It is favored for drinking as a juice as well as for adding a taste treat to baked goods.

Sciallan slang for "prostitute."

See here for an explanation of the monetary system used on Scialla.

See here for an explanation of the month names used on Scialla.

House Moondancer
Ranking just below the Stardancers and closely related by blood to the Imperial Family, the Moondancers keep a low profile. They live way out in the frontier far west of Priascialla at a family-owned village called Triesse Holding. Their main Noble is Lukas Moondancer, a man of advancing years who raised Kira Stardancer to adulthood in secrecy. His youngest daughter Larizel Moondancer is the Empress' adopted heir.

A carrion-eating worm found on Scialla. See here for more info.

Mount Avenbury
One of the Eastern Cities, located well south of Priascialla. Named for the huge square-ish mound near the city, Mount Avenbury is a walled city whose main economy is based around logging, mining, and stoneworking. A granite quarry is located not far away, though environmentalists are starting to get alarmed about the mining techniques that are polluting the river running near the city. The mound itself is grassed over and largely used for pasturing sheep.

Mustika (MOO-stih-kah)
A Flameholdan shaman. Plural, Mustikae. Said to be infused with Bloodgift and possessed of unusual skills. All were amazing warriors in their youth; to be chosen as a Mustika, a warrior must outlive his enemies. Now aged, a Mustika typically serves a clan-chief as an advisor, though his advice isn't always be taken. They are the closest thing a clan has to a religious system; they lead rituals and advise on spiritual matters.



The privileged bloodlines of the Kiassan Empire. Mostly a term used by Sciallans and Lirwhinites, since Flameholdans work more from clans, and Bilashans have no recognized bloodlines. Nobles who are particularly high-ranked are called "Nobles of the Twelve," denoting the original twelve families comprising the inner circles of the Imperial government. See here for more information about these twelve families.

Northeast Vo-Tech
A very large, well-attended vocational school located in Cicilium, far to the northeast of Priascialla on Scialla.

OOC: Non-Player Character, usually meaning a human/humanoid character in the game who is not owned and animated by a human player. An administrator may briefly inhabit and roleplay an NPC, but usually they're mindless. A Player-Character is a character in the game who is animated and owned by a human player. For the purposes of the game, SciallaMud doesn't distinguish between the two when it comes to in-character behavior or consequences. Murdering an NPC is just as bad as murdering a PC, and the consequences just as harsh.



The Outside Army
A collective term for the armies outside the Perimeter, under the control of Lord Marshall Arkhos Tarikaden.



The larger moon of Scialla, sometimes called "Big Brother." It is not a very big moon, and like its sibling Crassus, it has no atmosphere. It is viewable all year around on Tergaea. The other moon is Crassus.

PDP (Personal Data Pad)
A Lirwhinite invention that doesn't work outside the Perimeter. It is a small, rectangular data server and communication device. See here for more info about Lirwhinite technology.

Perfumes of Note
The perfumers of Scialla enjoy considerable status in the Empire. While most perfumes are simple essential oils, some specific scents and brands stand out:
Aria in Damask: Made in Val Taqar, one of the Eastern Cities, this damask-rose scent is one of the most expensive perfumes around.
Riisa: A Lirwhinite perfume that smells of sea breezes.
Mesmerize: A men's perfume that smells of musk, neroli, sandalwood, and leather. Very expensive.
Everfall: Sold in a distinctive dark-green zig-zagging bottle, this outdoorsy scent proclaims itself to smell like the Wilds itself. Very expensive.
Ylessia: A floral perfume favored by courtesans of very high station. Smells of poppies and jasmine, with musk and spices. Its bottle is also distinctive--scarlet red, shaped like a poppy flower.
Bravado: An inexpensive men's cologne that smells of musk, leather, and sandalwood, with a somewhat cloying base scent of musk.
Whiteridge: As one might expect, it claims to smell like an advertiser's version of the Whiteridge Mountains: pine, bergamot, woodsmoke, and other such things, all combining to make an inexpensive men's cologne.

A vaguely circular territory around Priascialla, on Scialla, inside which power and modern weapons and ships work. The Perimeter is about 50 miles in every direction, though it varies (in the rockier areas north of the city, it's only about 45 miles). Once outside the Perimeter, anything powered loses juice almost immediately. The Perimeter extends into space like a cylinder, allowing ships to land.

An OOC shorthand for "permanent death," meaning that unlike in many MUD codebases, when a PC dies here, he's dead forever in almost all cases. It may be that his death was due to OOC causes, in which case see our policy statements regarding rezzing. But unless there's some pressing OOC reason why someone's death shouldn't be final, it is. Play with care--when we built plots around you, we take into major account how realistically you portray a sense of mortality and self-preservation!

An illness endemic to the frontiers of Scialla. See here for more information about this painful viral infection.

Pontecala (pahn-te-CAHL-ah)
One of the Eastern Cities, a bit southeast of Behistun along the coast. Pontecala is a decadent city famous for its glassware. Both mass production facilities and fine arts galleries exist here. The city is partially marshland, dredged and constantly reinforced, for defense. It's well-known that Pontecala is not easily taken; its many seaports and sea-channels are difficult to traverse without experience and maps, and the denizens here are well capable of changing the channels to foil invaders.

A quartz-like power crystal used in some Flameholdan weapons, notably the flameblade. See here for more information about this odd little stone.

Sometimes called "the Cult of the Lady Sherreen." A fringe religion loosely considering itself Haranite that dwells in and near the Sciallan Wilds, aiding travelers and acting as a liaison between the creatures of the Wilds and the humans living on Scialla. See here for some more info.

Priascialla (PREE-ah-skee'-ah-lah)
Capital city of the planet Scialla as well as of the Kiassan Empire. Occasionally means specifically the Imperial Palace. See here for info about the city itself, and here for info about the planet and area around Priascialla. Because it's inside the Perimeter, being its center actually, power does work here: airships, guns, a form of electricity, and everything else one would expect of a modern city functions here.

Usually this term denotes Haran. Sometimes identified as co-existing with the god Logos. Sometimes used as an interjection or expression of astonishment ("By the Prophet!" and the like). There are no other prophets besides Haran in the Haranite faith.



A complex group sport played mainly by the universities on Scialla. In Valrona, the team is the Valrona Burgundies. See Eastern Cities for other teams' names and colors. A full writeup of the sport can be seen here along with team names.



Razec Abinion
One of the Eastern Cities. Razec Abinion has some intriguing architecture. Located well inland along the eastern coast of Tergaea, it's theorized that this was one of the earlier cities to be founded. Definitely the decidedly archaic buildings, some little more than functional ruins, have intrigued archaeologists for some time. Razec Abinion is a scholarly city devoted to stoneworking, with quarries nearby providing marble of various colors and granite. It was once a rich source of triamandine, the metal-strong mineral that makes up such stunning Imperial treasures as the White Palace of Priascialla. The people here tend to be rather insular and conservative, preferring to stay among their cathedrals and fine houses than to mix and mingle with the rest of the Empire.

Red-Banded Hawk (Redwing)
A bird of prey found on Scialla. See here for more info.

The Red Plague
A hideous viral plague that used to hit Flamehold with horrible and frequent regularity. Symptoms varied but almost always involved a backache as the first sign of the disease, occurring on the third day after exposure to a carrier of the disease. Infection rates tended toward the 20-30%, and fatality rate was about 30% of that--devastating to the population! Emperor Calantus III brought the considerable might of the Kiassan Empire to bear to assist in wiping out the disease, which brought about the Flameholdan Accords of 2250.

OOC: A "rezz" is a "resurrection," usually done for OOC reasons like some admin accidentally killing someone with a mistyped command, or perhaps an NPC did something stupid. Usually a death is final (a permadeath), but sometimes there are extenuating circumstances which would logically and reasonably lead to rezzing a dead PC.

Rhell Trees
Huge reddish trees that grow exclusively on Scialla, in the Wilds far from the capital of Priascialla. The rhells are straight-trunked evergreens, with branches that start about 20' off the ground. They grow mostly in the densest part of the forest. The little rodentlike creatures called treewees are known to live among the rhells.

A narrow band of habitable area across Flamehold's surface, moving enough to require nomadic relocation every twenty years or so.

OOC: A skill that reflects one's knowledge of one's chosen religion. For example, the Ritual skill for a Haranite would imply knowledge of Haranite prayers and rituals such as blessings and exorcisms.

A large wormlike animal found on Flamehold. See here for more info.

Roleplay Points
OOC: A measure of staff trust in a player's ability to both roleplay challenging roles well, and to be a contributing and useful part of the Scialla community. The first RPP or two are pretty easy to get: just emote appropriately, demonstrate awareness of the gameworld, use the think command, and don't do anything ridiculously stupid. The ones after that come with keeping other PCs active and involved. Organize activities, be someone who keeps clans and plots going, be proactive in finding new things to do and make sure to involve others in your RP. Also, be a good citizen of the OOC community. Don't be mean on boards, be helpful and polite, and treat your staffers as they deserve. (See this page for our policies, and here for tons of info about how we decide who gets what RPPs.)

A superior quality and rare form of steel manufactured on Scialla. The steel has a faint rosy luster that is completely and entirely different from rust's distinctive drab color; the rosy color almost glows translucently. The steel is extraordinarily expensive, and usually carried only by Nobles.

A collective term for various winged insects that feed upon rotted flesh. See here for more info.

RPI (Roleplay Intensive)
OOC: SciallaMud is an RPI, meaning that it requires and enforces roleplay while a player is logged in as his PC. Like most RPIs, SciallaMud features a permadeath system, level-less and training-based skill raising, a classless chargen, a certain opacity regarding the PC's skill levels and attributes, and a shortdesc system. There are some notable dissimilarities, namely that the GMs are far more active in the chargen and RP process and that as far as we know we're not insane.



Saethbridge (SAYTH-bridge)
One of the Eastern Cities. Well south of Valrona, along the coast of the continent Tergaea, Saethbridge is located in pleasant rolling countryside of hills and forests. It is known for its amazing herds of long-haired goats, making a cashmere wool that is much in demand throughout the Empire.

The Saint's War of 820AH
In 820AH, mercenaries from Valrona broke into a cathedral in Val Taqar and stole the bones of Saint Alexander, took them home, and buried them in their own cathedral. The Taqarians marched on the city, but were repelled handily.

One of the Eastern Cities, Sarnow is densely populated and definitely a production city. It actually exports finished goods west, outside the realm of the Eastern Cities, into the many villages that make up Without. Sarnow has an urbane industrial attitude that other cities look down on to some extent, but it prides itself on having a strong economy. There are two colleges here, the College of the Arts of Sarnow, and Eastern Technical. The Arts school has a heated rivalry with the University of Valrona.

Scialla (skee-AH-lah)
Third planet of the Kiassan system and seat of its Imperial government. See here for more info.

A large, winged reptile found on Flamehold. See here for more info.

Sdesc, shortdesc (short description)
OOC: Your character's "short description," or "sdesc," is a few words that denote him when using says, tells, or emotes. Generally this'll be his or her two biggest unique characteristics, such as "a tall blonde man" or "a vivacious, black-haired young woman." There's a limit to how long an sdesc can be, and we discourage more than two descriptors.

A small, stinging pest found on Scialla. Living in swamps and forests, breeding in standing water, clouds of these insects descend upon living creatures. At first, their bite can't be detected. After the searfly has fed upon the victim's blood and (hopefully) escaped alive with a full belly, the bite site becomes a searing, painful red welt that lasts several days. The searfly also carries some infectious diseases similar to malaria and dengue fever, which can sometimes be fatal. There are sprays that are effective in preventing the searfly's bite, but once bitten, there are no "cures" aside from rubbing alcohol.

A term used to denote acolytes and beginners to the Preservationist faith. Once accepted they are called Keepers.

Senshen River
The major river running near Valrona, one of the Eastern Cities. The Senshen runs just west and north of the city, irrigating much of the farmland out there.

The major religion of the Bilashans, centering around the divinity Sernis.

Seruvian Accords
A peace treaty signed by all five inhabited planet/oids of the Kiassan Empire in the year 1620AH. Among other things, it establishes the Flameholdan Guard on Scialla as well as the Kiassan Army. It also outlines a number of protocols for the handling of prisoners, the conducting of war, and what weapons are and are not allowed to be made or owned by any member of the Empire.

Singer College of Natural Sciences
Located in Hevalta, Singer College was founded in 1765AH. It specializes in, as its name suggests, subjects like botany, forestry, agriculture, and chemistry, all against a richly forested backdrop. Hevalta's Quintzel team is the Singer Crusaders, and it's ranked pretty highly most years.

Solius (SAH-lee-uss)
Flameholdan military title; roughly "war-chief" or "chief of chiefs." A clan-chief who is given the right to lead all the clans into battle and make ultimate military decisions. The right to the Solius title is either claimed in battle or granted after a single-combat challenge.

A very old architectural style on Scialla. See here for much more info.

A large reptile found on Flamehold. See here for more info.

Stardancer Obelisk
A plain white marble obelisk located on the western edge of the Square of Roses in the Pearl Quarter in Valrona, right near the base of the Quirine Hill where the city government buildings are. It's a popular tourist attraction as the marble that makes it up is far older than its use as a commemorative of Emperor Aris Stardancer I's reign. It was erected in 2213 by his daughter, Empress Kira Stardancer I.

Ruling family of the Kiassan Empire. Original beginning reckoned around 20AH, though they didn't become the Imperial Family until 680AH with the Treaty of Priascialla.

A Flameholdan drug that, when injected, provides a shot of adrenaline and other substances to allow someone grievously injured to survive long enough to get care. The drug is injected in a special syringe that is part of the application process.

A clan of Flamehold, presided over by Andros Stormguard before his daughter, Lykitis, took the title. His only children are Rowan and Lykitis. He has one grandchild, Andromeda, daughter of Lykitis and an Eclipsal Dancer. The clan has some three hundred warriors in it, and about 250 battlesuits. This clan was instrumental in getting Kira Stardancer back on her throne in the Succession Wars of 2212.

The Succession Wars
In 2212, during the Eclipsal Festival, Tiramovar the Usurper assassinated the Royal Family of the Kiassan Empire and took the throne. Later that year, Kira Stardancer retook it with much assistance.

An informal slang language spoken by the denizens of The Sun Quarter of Valrona. See here for more information about this unusual, picaresque little tongue.

Summer Palace
1. Kira Stardancer's summer home, located in Valrona.
2. The summer home of the Flameholdan people, located among the Asrabreak Mountains.

Sutalan (SOO-tah-lann)
Main written language of Lirwhin. Official spoken language, though dozens of non-Imperially sanctioned dialects exist. See here for more information about this smooth-sounding language.

A member of the Brotherhood of Swords. The only commoners allowed to wear armor or weapons while inside Valrona.



Tarellian Fountain
Sculpted in 1251AH by the famous sculptor Aeneas Tarellian of Scialla, this huge sculptural fountain is a tourist attraction in the Square of Roses in the Pearl Quarter in Valrona.

One of the Great Houses of the Nobles of the Twelve. This House focuses mainly on battle and war. See here for more information about this family.

Temple of Ascension
The major Haranite temple in Priascialla. See here for more information about this beautiful architectural achievement.

Tergaea (TUR-jay-ah)
Main continent of Scialla, and the only one known to be inhabited by humans. Most of the habitation is concentrated on the eastern coast of the continent, though some frontier villages are known, such as Weston. See here for more info about Tergaea.

One of the more remarkable lifeforms that exists in the Wilds of Scialla only. A little simian-lemur-sort of beastie that survives on the leaves of the rhell trees that grow through the Wilds, they come in several colors (purple, blue, gold) and live in pods of 15-20. Pods never mix colors. Their main claim to fame is that they scream like the dickens when they're alarmed. Their hue and cry is well-known for drawing the giant predatory felines known as greatcats. Treewees die almost immediately in captivity, though some of the more decadent Nobles are willing to spend the exorbitant amount of money required to make them into temporary pets. Obviously, this practice is almost universally condemned by the Church of Haran.

Triamandine (tree'-uh-MAN-deen)
Fairly rare, expensive, dense mineral used in building and occasionally in place of metal on Scialla. The Imperial Palace in Priascialla is made primarily of it. It is said to last forever and be nearly indestructible. There are no more known sources now, and thus no new buildings made of this rare mineral. The fashion on Scialla for years has been to build with white stone that mimics the look of triamandine. See here for much more information about this rare mineral.

Triesse Holding (TREE-ess HOL-ding)
Ancestral home of the Moondancers, located well west of the Perimeter close to the Wilds. The Holding is fairly large, population about 500. Only the manor itself is walled. The holding is known most for hardwood lumber exports and being a base for Moondancer forest rangers.

House Turindil
A minor Noble House created in Val Taqar around 1600AH. The family's founder was a glassblower of incredible skill, creating the distinctive glass bottle used in the packaging of the famous rose perfume Aria in Damask.

A matched set of slender steel swords used by well-trained Lirwhinite soldiers. Lirwhinites don't like seeing them in the hands of non-Lirwhinites, and outsiders daring to use such blades openly risk getting them "misplaced."

Tybiris (ty-BEER-iss)
A military House of the Blood; it was responsible for Castle security before the Flameholdan Guard was instituted under Emperor Aris I. Currently House Tybiris has holdings in several Eastern Cities, including Valrona. See here for more information about this House.

Tyri Disorder
A serious sickness of coughing, abdominal pain, and coma found rarely on Scialla. It is contagious and 40% lethal. See here for more information about this illness.



Unified Script
A script used by almost all languages in the Kiassan Empire. It is a letter-based phonetic-style alphabet with a simple, easy-to-learn writing technique. Cursive is only just beginning to emerge as a writing style, though various schools of cursive writing have existed in the past.

Uriel's Syndrome
A serious disorder involving migraines and serious issues with perception. Suffered almost entirely by miners, this illness' source and true nature is not yet fully understood. See here for more information about the disorder.



One of the Eastern Cities. See here for a full writeup of this urbane city.

Val Taqar (ta-KARR)
One of the Eastern Cities. Famous for silk farms and supply the couterier houses, and the flower gardens that provide distilled essences to the most exclusive perfumers of the Empire. The damask roses found in Val Taqar are known to be the best in the entire Empire. Val Taqar is a decidedly luxury-oriented city, but more production-oriented than is Valrona. It has quite a rivalry with Valrona, but it's a more friendly rivalry than that pursued by Eretea.

Veikos Asylum and Research Facility
An abandoned asylum on Lirwhin, now functioning as a training ground. OOCly, it's used as an arena for guests.

The Verdantis Forest (ver-DAN-tiss)
A large mixed deciduous-evergreen forest located west of Valrona, on the planet Scialla.

Vestrian Ocean
The expansive sea to the west of Tergaea, on Scialla.



A moon of Lirwhin, inhabitable and used mainly for the Academies and for Flameholdan military training maneuvers.

Warran College of the Humanities
Founded in 2040AH on Kandar, this institution of higher learning mostly focuses on history, architecture, art, and literature. It is the main university in Kandar, and thanks to its disciplines does not require power. See here for more information about the College.

War of Acquisition
In 677-678AH, a major war occurred uniting all three planets against Bilashe. A coalition led by King Hjargent Stardancer won that fight with the aid of the Flameholdans to save Lirwhin from a Bilashan invasion force. In thanks, the Lirwhinites swore eternal allegiance to Scialla.

A term used for those in a Flameholdan clan who fight for and guard the rest of the clan. At any given time, a clan's warriors number (ideally) around 30-35% of the total population, with the rest hunters and gatherers, craftspeople, and Mustikae. The term is obviously worn with pride by those who have earned it. Warriors are easily recognized by their tattoos; each one commemorates a battle, and each clan's warriors try to get each commemorative tattoo done in the same place on the body if at all possible. The clan's military officers (such as the Dunastis and Aparkos are called either by their specific title or by the term "warrior" if the title is not known, much as a Noble is called "Sir" or "Madam" if the specific title isn't known.

A graceful sea-bound mammal found on Lirwhin. See here for more information.

Weeping Sickness
A contagious disease sometimes seen in the southern side of Tergaea on Scialla. See here for more information about this illness.

The White Palace
Another name for the main palace governing the Kiassan Empire, located in Priascialla, so ` because the palace itself is a striking white color. It is built of triamandine, a strong mineral-like stone.

The Whiteridge Mountains
A young mountain range on Scialla, located on the northwest side of the main continent, Tergaea. See here for more info.

The White Road
An unpaved road marked with white stones that runs west from Priascialla through most of the continent, all the way to the western shores. It is said to have been established by Lady Sherreen, a legendary highborn Noble lady, eons ago. It is also said that only by staying on this road can travellers get through the Wilds safely.

A psychological disorder encountered on Scialla that involves a serious compulsion to enter and live in the Wilds. See here for more information.

The Wilds
A massive, old-growth mixed forest taking up a large portion of the main continent of Scialla. The White Road runs through it. People do not normally live in the Wilds; they are extraordinarily dangerous to those who do not understand its rules. The Preservationists do understand those rules, and even they sometimes make mistakes and get killed. They are the only ones who make permanent settlements inside the Wilds. Other attempts have been made, and have all failed disastrously. The Wilds protects its own. Treewees come from the Wilds exclusively, and the major predator there, greatcats hunts and destroys those who interlope. See here for more information about the Wilds.

Wines of the Empire
Scialla boasts a number of fine wines the envy of the Empire over. Here is partial list of them:
* Dulcet (a sweet white wine, suited best for dessert or recreational drinking--a favorite of women but a bit expensive)
* Avarian Red (a very fine red, full-bodied with a good tannin level, suited for heavier dishes. Expensive!)
* Evinisian Brandy: a pale pink brandy served primarily by the very well-to-do. Outrageously expensive, with a heady bouquet. It comes from Lirwhin but a few bottles sometimes see their way to Valrona.

A deep, merlot-red hardwood found in the forests of Scialla. Rarely found in the Wilds. Most Nobles who can keep groves of the trees for harvest on their estates, if they can. The trees are not easy to keep alive and in good shape. The wood is extremely expensive, and cannot be sold without a permit from the government.

Winterkeep: Ancestral winter home and moot of the Flameholdans. Owned by the Stormguard Clan.

The area outside the Perimeter of Scialla, where power doesn't work.





The Year
2230AH (after Haran). Months: 14, most about 30 days long.

A small gamebird found on Bilashe. See here for more info.



A riding-animal found on Bilashe. See here for more info.